IBD - Clear Gel 0.5 oz

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Provides a thin, clear and shiny surface that looks and feels completely natural. Perfect for natural nail overlays. Cure time: 30 seconds.

Virtually eliminates all buffing and reduces maintenance time
Cures in one minute under any UV Lamp

Delivers a smooth finish that never fades or dulls
Available in ultra clear, sheer pink and sheer beige

Protects against solvents and polish stains
Prevents lifting
Use over any artificial nail service

Additional Details

Item Name: IBD - Clear Gel 0.5 oz
Manufactuer: IBD
Type: Acrylic
UPC: IBDM-603000
SKU: IBDM-603000
Weight: 86 grams - (0.19 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Acrylic, Acrylic Gel System, and IBD

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