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OPI - Dip Powder Combo - Liquid Set Lincoln Park After Dark

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A great alternative to traditional gel acrylics, OPI Powder Perfection uses unique technology that provides gel-like shine and durable wear for 14+ days. Available in a variety of your favorite OPI shades, get the most out of your mani with this revolution in nail technology. Each set includes an OPI Powder Perfection...

Additional Details

Item Name: OPI - Dip Powder Combo - Liquid Set Lincoln Park After Dark
Manufactuer: OPI
Type: Dipping Powder
Weight: 200 grams - (0.44 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Dipping Powder, DIY Kits, Group: Lincoln Park After Dark, Nail Set, OPI, Purple, and The Ultimate Mani Gift Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Mary A.
So disappointed

I have been a nail tech since 2007 (so I know my way around nail products) and I thought the idea of a dip system sounded great but I wanted to try it on myself first. I bought this starter kit and I was really disappointed to find that it left out clear color seal powder that the instructions on the OPI website call for, so I bought that as well. I sat down to try this out and I was so excited but soon found that this product isn’t really easy to work with. Each step smells and is the consistency of nail glue or super glue. This fact also makes it really hard to work with. You have to be really really quick about it or it dries up on you - the base, and the top coat. Also, at the very end, I NEED a smooth finish and a mirror shine and this does not deliver. It’s not just me either, I’ve talked to several other nail techs with the same complaint. I tried for an entire weekend to “get it right,” hoping it was just something in the process I was doing wrong but every single time my nails felt and looked gritty. The top coat does not go on smooth at all. Like I said, I wanted to love this product but I absolutely do not and there is no way I could offer it as a service in a salon. I’d be pulling my hair out. Like the title says, very disappointed.

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