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Morgan Taylor

Morgan Taylor - Pure Cleanse - Nail Cleansing Spray 8 oz



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Nail Cleansing Spray 8 oz

What It Is:

Waterless Cleanser for nails and tools.

Why You Need It:

Prepares the nail plate for lacquer. Bio-Organic Complex with Panthenol is a vitamin and mineral complex that is designed to create a protective coating around the skin's keratin protein structure. It protects the hydrogen and salt bridges which help maintain the skin's optimum moisture even under harsh salon conditions.

When You Use It:

  • Prep
  • Removal & Extension

Additional Details

Item Name: Morgan Taylor - Pure Cleanse - Nail Cleansing Spray 8 oz
Manufactuer: Morgan Taylor
Type: Cleansers & Removers
UPC: 813323022242
SKU: MTAYM-51011
Weight: 276 grams - (0.61 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Benefit: Nail Treatment, BPX, Cleansers & Removers, Group: Pure Cleanse Nail Cleansing Spray, Morgan Taylor, Morgan Taylor Essentials Collection, Nail Alliance, Nail Gift Guide, Nail Removers & Cleansers, Nail Treatment, OMG-S, OMG5-SALE, OMG6-SALE, OMG7-SALE, and Type: Nail Treatment

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