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Based on 1592 reviews

the formula is a little thick and you have to work quickly but that should be expected with a polish that has this much glitter packed in to it. aside from that, application was good once you figure it out and color payoff is nice. shipping was super quick and it arrived exactly as it should. i love shopping for polishes on sleeknail!

Pretty pink

Love this color. Have the Gelishnail Polish to go with it.

Love it !!!

I am so in love with all the kbshimmer colors. I keep ordering and ordering to get more. Beautiful colors

Revel nail polish Laurel

Love the nail polish. It got delivered fast and in perfect packaging.


Very beautiful glittery polish goes with everything

Out of this world!

I am so mesmerized by this polish! Shift and shimmer galore!

Just what I was looking for'

This is a very pretty color I have been into natrul looking nails.

Grapefruit sparkle

Love this polish! Very favorite color. Just perfect for a nurse to wear.

The only issue is the brush

I absolutely love cirque colors and have a huge cirque collection; I love this true neon highlighter yellow shade; with that being said, my only gripe with this polish is It’s difficult application due to the thin brush. Thin brushes like this don’t jive well with a blinding bright neon polish like Electric Daisy. Cirque did use wide brushes for the 2022 Vice collection and I’m genuinely considering ordering another electric Daisy just for the brush because it’s very difficult to achieve a clean and perfect manicure with the original electric daisy’s thin brush

Raptor round your finger

I love the color, the green is very striking, but the large sparkly confetti clumps and is rough, if they just did a regular glitter this would be a 5 star product for me.
I used it in my toes, maybe in finger nails it would sit and feel different

A fabulous color!!!!!

I have looked and looked and tried many other light shades of pink and purple. Even down to the final three this color stood out as the winner!!. It’s both subtle and vaguely colorful. Very CHIC and beautiful with most of my bright summer clothes.

Jurassic nail polish

I'm super happy with my jurassic park colors they are super fun and just in time for the movie

Jurassic nail polish

AWESOME I'm so happy they came out with these colors they are super cool and love this color on my toes

Love it… ROCK!

Love the color!!! Rock on!!!

Great looking color!

This nail polish is beautiful. ❤️


Love these nails, these are my go to and very strong


This is one of my favorites!!! Goes with everything and outgrowth don't show so fast. Love this one.

Beyond happy

I have never used Kiara Sky products but was recommended them. Boy, was I wowed over these liquids!!
Also, kiddos to sleek nail for their top notch customer service!!

Wanted to love it

This was my first time trying Sundays nail polish and I had high hopes given the 10-free label and premium cost. The polish is very thin - I had to apply 3 coats. Also, it dries matte, similar to Scotch Magic Tape’s matte finish (not like the trendy intentional matte), which makes a clear top coat necessary if you want it to look good/like nail polish. The brush is just okay - I experienced some bristles that stuck out to the side while applying, indicating slightly too thick bristles. Lastly, the color looks hot pink in photos but it is closer to a fuchsia when applied (which is a color I already had). I will be sticking with Essie in the future.

The cutest pale blue colour!

I love this colour, it’s one of the classics for me! Has a very light shimmer which looks beautiful during summer time. Easy to apply as well even though it’s a light shade

Pretty but not as bright as I thought unless outdoors in bright sunlight.

Nice brush, although I needed more than two coats for opaque coverage. Color not as bright unless in outdoor and bright light, but still the color was true to image online. I would buy this brand again.

Love Zoya

I got 6 days of where without fading or chipping. The color was a little lighter than I expected, but still very pretty. Flexible wear for Natural Nails


I got 6 day wear, with no fading

I had to put on two coats of polish as it seems to be very thin and one coat did not cover.

🧜🏽‍♀️Perfect for a mermaid French mani!!🧜🏽‍♀️

I purchased this collection, and placed it in the front window. This color quickly became a favorite, as some girls named this Mermaid Scales. I made a cute French mani with this on tips with tiny gold shells and crystals. The polish is a metallic deep green with deep blue flakes…..that goes on very evenly even with the added flakes, which is rare with many polishes. Although if it’s by China Glaze, they always figure out a perfect mixture to keep this polish looking great with awesome application. I try to keep thinking of Blue the Raptor, but my clients say otherwise!!

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