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Based on 2015 reviews
Not for olive or med. light skin tones

Cons: This blends into my skin tone and looks weirdly fleshy. It's more peachy or orange than the iconic pink lemonade shade shown in the product photos. If you do an image search for this color, you can see some photos where it seems to blend/disappear into people's skin tone - I would say those are much more accurate than the brand photos.

Pros: The flakies are VERY pretty and dimensional, they appear opalescent and glowy. The formula is nice to work with and so far has behaved really well under fast dry glossy top coat. This is super sheer, so it might work well as a topper for some people. Packaging is good for protecting polish from light exposure.

Essential products for restoring/improving nail health. Sleek Nail has great customer service. Will definitely buy again from them when I need to reorder.

New user to Sunday’s’ polish

Love this polish!!! Bought #7 and #8.

This last bottle had chunks of congealed top coat

I have been buying this product for probably about 3 years and love how it extends my mani. I know what texture/thickness it should have. It has always been slightly thicker than the shellac polish, but not approaching a solid consistency. This time (first use), after shaking the bottle for about a minute, it had solidified pieces of the top coat. I had to wipe it off the brush, but it had solidified around the stem and brush - so the brush is very stiff. I had been painting a plastic sample nail & this top coat produced globs instead of smooth liquid. This is a bottle I just received earlier this month, not one that has been sitting forever and and it was tightly closed when I got it. When I opened it the first time, it was difficult to open and there was no top coat material on top of the bottle or in the grooves where the top screws in, so I do not believe it had been used or left open in manufacturing. I was able to finish my mani only because I still had a little left in the old bottle (which was a couple of years old, but not congealed or hardened like the new bottle). I've tried to show how stiff the brush is. It is not soft and pliable like normal. It feels like someone left latex paint on a paint brush and let it dry. I also couldn't get all of the congealed top coat off the stem. I will be contacting sleek nail about this.

Love it!! Really pigmented!!

Beautiful for fall/autumn


It can be a little dark for me but if you just put one coat you can make it nice and sheer and put a nice glitter clear coat over it looks amazing. I love to put one coat of this and one coat of IScream Lose your Illusion and its just magical.


This is an incredible brand. However, it took 3 coats for the nail technician to get any consistent coverage. I have short nails and even with three coats, there are areas on each nail that are streaked.

Some say ugly, I say lovely!

I love odd colors like these. What fun for fall!! My first thought when I swatched this was "baby diaper", but I knew it was going to be a fantastic color...and I was right. It's the usual Orly perfection: creamy, smooth application with great self-leveling coverage. Makes a really nice base color for nail art. So happy I bought this one!

Better than I thought!

I like this color more than I thought I would. Kind of a muted plum-berry creme. Nice coverage and self-leveling. Good wear time with a top coat. (I always use a base coat and a top coat even though this is from the Breathable line.) I think this color and Orly's The Snuggle is Real make a very pretty ombre when used together. Love the XL sized bottles.


Another great color from Orly. Can be worn year 'round. Soft lilac-pink-mauve. Creamy and self leveling. Nice base for nail art. Love the XL Orly bottles, too.

I've been using it for a few months now. I'm not sure if it's performing any better than other basecoats I've tried, but certainly no worse.

My go to

It’s a great way to have my extremely dry nails always moisturized whenever and wherever. Love this oil in general but the pen form is like a must have.

Must have

I use this file to smooth out the edges of my nails after filing with coarser grit nail files. It really is amazing and give a smooth look to my nails. Highly recommend.


It does soften the excess skin so that I can easily push them back or trim them. Most cuticle removers are so aggressive they make my nail beds peel.


It has a nice citrus scent and has a sanitary drop top. Does the job very well.

Color is Misleading

I have another shade of Madam Glam gel polish, and I was impressed with it's longevity and color. I put this shade on for the first time last night. Quality is what I expected, but the color is far more pale than what is pictured for this product. For this reason, I am giving it a 3 star rating as I was hoping for something darker and more like the photo.

Shellac Masquerade

I have used several colors of CND Shellac polish and I do not think I will purchase this color a second time. The color is a pretty burgundy but it does not go on evenly. Some of my nails are darker than others and it appears to be streaked. You have to be careful to put the same amount on each nail whereas when I use other colors, I do not have that issue

Absolutely Love this Collection

This is a wonderful collection, not a dud in the bunch. All polishes apply like a dream and are self-leveling. I also appreciate Orly's large 18 ml bottles. The brown is a jelly polish, so I used 3 coats. This will work well for a "glitter sandwich". Endless night (the metallic blue) can also be used for stamping. All of these colors are great for fall and winter, and a couple can be year 'round colors. I don't usually buy entire collections, but I am so glad I did this time. I have a large stash of polishes and I didn't have any dupes for these. Yahoo...color me happy! :)

I was skeptical…

I work some of my full time hours as an ICU nurse which destroys my nails and skin with strong cleansers and hand sanitizers. Gel manicures are beautiful but were ultimately too harsh for my thin, weak nails even when removed properly. Enter Gelie-cure. I have used the system three times since purchase. Products performed exactly as promised. Basic manicure is so pretty and natural which appeals to me. It lasts at least 4-7 days depending on how much time I am working in the hospital. Adding polish after curing lasts maybe 2-4 days but even when I’m not in the ICU, I am very hard on manicures. And yes, I could remove the polish once it started to chip and reapply a different color with the base products intact.
Nails are MUCH stronger (minimal peeling, no breakage) when bare which was my biggest goal with this system. Removal process is ridiculously easy with zero damage, unlike traditional gel in my experience. Give it a try. I am sold and will recommend to friends.

I’ve used this product before so I know how it should smell. This product smelled old.
So I won’t order from this company again.

Sheek White is a "go-to" necessity.

I use my Sheek White for white nails, of course, but it is also a great base coat for translucent nail polishes that I do not want showing through the free edge of the nail. It is also great for under decals for wanting them to "pop". It is a great polish for multi-tasking.

Perfect red

This is the perfect red for me, not fire engine loud, with a hint of pink, just love it!

Gorgeous Color!

I absolutely love this color and have received so many compliments. This has to be my new favorite!😍


Loved this as an accent nail. It goes with so many colors. Unfortunately it chipped in less than a week but, pretty.

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