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Based on 1781 reviews
CND Shellac Garnet Glamour

I like rich Garnet color and that it has sparkles. My clients really like it for those reasons also. It is easy to apply and set up well.

Love the sparkle!

This polish is a great sparkle topcoat or by itself!!

Love this!!

This color is so pretty and unusual! Beautiful!

This gray polish is WOW!

This is the best gray polish I've ever seen!


Love Citrus Got Real!

Beautiful red!

This polish is breath taking! The shimmer is beautiful!

such a cute sheer pink color! cute natural pink.

Searching for a glazed donut polish? LOOK NO FURTHER!

this nail polish is PERFECT to achieve the hailey bieber glazed donut nails (which is typically done with gel polish and a chrome powder). If you are a nail polish girly like me, this polish is gr8 for getting that chrome powder glazed donut look. you can definitely achieve the trendy look with this, so don't go out there buying a gel polish and chrome powder and a uv lamp if you dont need one! Aside from achieve the hailey bieber nail look, this is also just a great polish to have. You can put on top of any of your nail polishes to make it have a pearly sheen. It add a cool iridescent sheen to any nail look! The shine and the way it changes color in the light reminds me of abalone shells! this is just like that, but in a bottle! I'd say this polish would be a great addition to anyones collection!


if you are a sheer nail polish lover like me, YOU ABSOLUTELY NEED TO ADD THIS TO YOUR COLLECTION! this is not your average sheer pink polish, it has a beige nudey brown undertone to it so its ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. it is a sheer pink/beige dream! i don't have any other shade like it & havent found one similar to it. well actually, the only other pink/beige sheer polish i know of is sallyhansen's color therapy in "Brown Bare" which you absolutely can not find or buy here in the US because on their website, it says its available to get in AU so yeah... lol. Anyways, this is definitely a cute pink beige sheer polish & the only one like it on the market. BUY IT!!!!!

one of my favorites in my collection

this cute natural looking peach jelly polish is soooo beautiful. it's a year round color, you can wear it with 1 coat or 2 really thin coats for a natural, healthy pink sheer looking nails, or build it up as much as you want so it is more opaque and get that jelly nail look! i absolutely love this color and it is perfect for everyday simple wear. it goes with everything, it is even good as a base color for french nails if you use 1 coat or 2 really thin coats like a said for a natural sheer look (:
If i ever run out of this, i will definitely buy another bottle! that's how much i think this polish shade & everything about it is so cute/good

it's givinggggg

I have this polish and their other neon yellow polish Tropic Like It's Hot. This one is a tad more green than Tropic Like It's Hot, which id's say is a true neon yellow shade. They are both VERY similar and almost EXACTLY identical in color though. So if you already own a neon yellow polish, or specifically their Tropic Like It's Hot you definitely DON'T NEED to add this to your collection unless you really want to. The only difference between this and Tropic Like It's Hot is that THIS IS GLITTERY. This nail polish is a SHIMMERY neon yellow polish. So if that's what you are looking for or you just want to add a glittery neon polish to your collection, this is a good option!

its givinggggg

i own this polish and chinglaze's other neon yellow polish Tropic Like It's Hot. This shade is a a tad more green than Tropic Like It's Hot. The only difference between the 2 shades is that this one has glitter/shimmer to it. if you have Tropic Like It's Hot, you don't NEED this color since it's pretty much the exact same just with glitter. Still very pretty though and worth it if you want a glittery neon polish!

gr8 POP of color

my favorite and most affordable neon yellow/green polish! you will need more than 1 coat or i def recommend painting your nails white first and then putting this polish over so the color can really show and pop! (:

my nail polish lasts longer now

it works! my nails last longer with this bonder on VS having no bonder at all

BEST top coat i've ever owned

SUPER FAST DRYING, so you have to work fast but it works really well and lasts very long. you get the ULTIMATE shine with this top coat 10/10 recommend!


if you are looking for a black polish or don't have one already in your collection, i definitely recommend this one! this will last you a long time, it is perfect for everything. one of the best black polish formulas imo. not streaky, it is a 1 coater, very opaque, the brush is good, etc. I nothing but good things to say about this polish

the perfect light pink polish!

this color is sooo pretty! it's fun, cute, and girly. i like using this color for pink french tips! one of my fave polishes for sure


this color is perfect for the fall. orly's formulas never disappoint, so good!

Great color

I wanted a splash of summer in winter, and I got one! Essie quality is great as always!


This is such a pretty shade. It goes between deep purple and navy blue. The shimmer shows up beautifully and is super shifty, just like in the bottle. In reflective mode the whole thing turns a stunning bright violet.

CND Boomerang File

This is a awesome file, checks all the boxes of a great quality file.

CND Blizzard File

This is a great file on of my favorites. It checks off all the boxes for a all around great file.

Apres Gel Polish- Open Close Exit

I love this color it's so vibrant and loud, very opaque. It is the perfect pop of color.

Apres Blood Moon Gel Polish

I love this color it's very opaque. And application is very simple and easy perfect consistency.

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