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Take a moment to celebrate the incredible journey we've shared. Your commitment has been the driving force behind our growth, and your ongoing support is priceless. We're grateful for your role in our community. After careful consideration, we have decided to conclude our current rewards program to make way for exciting new initiatives that will better cater to your needs. Please contact customer service at if you have any questions or concern.



  • Members must have a rewards account in order to earn points. 
  • Offers & discounts may not be combined with any other coupons, discounts, offers, or promotions. 
  • Points are earned on total purchase amount after discounts and gift card credit is applied, and before tax and & shipping.
  • Partial points at decimal level will be rounded down.
  • Points are not earned on returned products.
  • Product rewards are limited in quantity; redemption is based on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Point multiplier promotions will not apply to orders with partial returns.
  • Referral discounts must be used on the first purchase of a new customer.


  • Lover Tiers are currently getting 1.25x points per $1 starting 1/21/20 (previous is 1.2x points per $1). 

Q - Do my previous purchases qualify for points? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to apply points on previous purchases.  You MUST have a rewards account in order to start earning points.  All members without a rewards account may have previous invalid points in the system and those have been cleared from the system.  Points will be earned on each dollar you spend after that date and time, excluding all discounts, gift card credit, shipping fees and taxes.  


Q - Do my previous purchases qualify for a tier upgrade?   

Unfortunately, we are not able apply your tier status based on previous purchases. You MUST have a rewards account in order to start earning points.   Your tier status is based off of your total spend as a member (minus shipping, taxes, discounts & gift cards).   Tier status is based on a dynamic 12-month period starting when you reach a new tier.  Tier updates are made 30 days after purchasing.  Any concerns, please reach out to customer service. 


Q - How do I become a Sleek Nail Rewards Member?

Joining Sleek Nail Rewards is simple! Sign up with your email through the Rewards page. You'll get 25 points just for becoming a member! Once you've signed up, you'll have full access to our rewards program.  You can easily track your progress and transaction history by clicking the "Rewards History" button. 


Q - Do my points expire?

Points will expire after 12 months of inactivity on our site.  


Q - How do I check my point balance?

Once logged in, you can check your point balance on the Rewards page.


Q - How do I earn points?

You must create a rewards account in order to earn points. You can earn points each time you shop with us or do specific actions available on the Rewards page.  Points will be earned on each dollar you spend, excluding all shipping fees and taxes (rounded down to the nearest dollar). Please allow 48 hours for your points to appear in your account. You can earn points even when purchasing gift cards, however, you will not earn points when redeeming gift cards.  


Q - How do I use my points to redeem rewards?

You need to be in the Fan Tier or higher to redeem points - meaning you have to have spent $1 or more at our store starting 1/2020 before you can start redeeming points.  You can redeem products on the Rewards Page.  You can also use your points for discounts during Checkout. Once logged in and ready to check out, go to the Checkout page to see a drop-down menu on the right underneath your cart. Select and click "Apply".  Discounts are not eligible on any shipping fees and taxes. Products will be added directly to your cart however you must have additional items in your cart for you to redeem your points for a product.


Q - How do I know what tier I am?

Once logged in, you can check your tier on the Rewards page.  Tier updates are made 30 days after purchasing.  


Q - What do the tiers mean?

Sleek Nail Rewards are separated into three tiers - Fan, Lover and Maven.  Your cumulative spend amount will move you through the tiers for more rewards and benefits.  Tier status is based on a dynamic 12-month period starting when you reach a new tier.  Tier updates are made 30 days after purchasing.


Q -  I recently made a purchase and my tier status should be moved up but it is not.

Tier upgrades are made 30 days after purchasing.  This is to ensure any returns being made after purchasing will be attributed. 


Q - I have enough points! Why can't I redeem my points?

First, make sure you're signed into your account prior to checking out.  If after signing in, if the drop down is still empty, please clear your browser's cache and cookies. After you do so, please sign back into your account and the drop down menu to redeem your items should appear under your cart.  


Q - How can I get my birthday points?  

Add your birthday on the Rewards Page, under "Ways to Earn Points".  Points will automatically be updated to your account on your birthday.  


Q - How do I get access additional exclusive sales, free products and gifts? 

Any additional exclusive offers that are not listed on the Rewards page will be available via our newsletters, depending on when they happen.  Make sure you are subscribed to our newsletters and add us to your contact list so they don't up in your Spam box!

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