Wholesale Services


Sleek Nail Wholesale Department

Did you know that Sleek Nail offered volume discount.  We offer a large selection of brands at competitive pricing.   Please contact us at wholesale@sleeknail.com for specific details and pricing information.

What is my pricing?

Pricing is based on the brand, volume, and order history.  Let us know the brands or items that you are interested in purchasing, the quantity, and how often you will be purchasing it.

How to order?

Once we agree on the pricing, you will receive an email with a custom order form.  Once we receive your order, we will place the order directly with the manufacturer or with one of our supplier to begin processing.

How long will it take to get my order?

Normally, it will take 1-3 weeks from the time we place your order with the manufacturer or supplier.

How do I make payment?

Before we can process your order, we will require a 10% deposit.  Once we fully receive, sort, and pack your order the remaining balance is due.  Once payment is complete we will ship your order.