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apres - Gel-X 2.0 Refill Bags - Natural Coffin Short Size 8 (50 pcs)



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Run out of Gel-X tips? No worries. We have refills for every size and shape! Each Gel-X refill bag contains 50 pcs of the desired size, made with the same quality and care as our box sets. No matter refill bag or first time purchase, all of our Gel-X tips are made with our specially formulated soft gel that provides you with not only long lasting and comfortable wear but also allows for easy and safe removal.

Introducing the New Era of Gel-X,the most inclusive, ready to use soft gel extension system on the market now available in 14 sizes. Now with Almond Shape and Extra Short length in all shapes, there’s a size and style of Gel-X tip for everyone. The new Gel-X offers a structural redesign with a thinner base end and thicker free edge. A thinner base end means less filing is needed, saving prep time. A thicker free edge gives more structure making it more durable. Be a Part of the Revolution.

Style: Natural

Shape: Coffin

Length: Short

Our Natural line is specifically for those with a flatter nail bed and would not be suitable for those with a curved nail bed and a more pronounced C curve

Additional Details

Item Name: apres - Gel-X 2.0 Refill Bags - Natural Coffin Short Size 8 (50 pcs)
Manufactuer: apres
Type: Nail Extensions
UPC: 0840298407507
Weight: 195 grams - (0.43 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: apres, Apres Gel-X 2.0 Refill Bags, apres Gel-X Tips V2, Gel-X Nail Extension System, Nail Extensions, Nail Tip Shape - Coffin, Nail Tip Size - Short, Nail Tip Style - Natural, Nail Tips, New Arrivals, and Professional

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