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apres - French Manicure Gel-X Tips - Natural Square Long (330 pcs)



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How can you reinvent the classic French?

Simple—make it easier and quicker to do.

Introducing the French Gel-X tip. Still formulated with our signature soft gel formula, these Gel-X tips have six specially measured and designed smile line grooves, outlining the perfect smile line of your choice. You simply need to pick which smile line you’d like and follow the line with your chosen color gel. And with six different smile line guidelines to choose from, all with varying depths, these tips offer complete versatility and ease in creating a perfect French set. Gone are your worries of symmetrical lines or steady hands. We’ve rolled beautiful extensions and flawless art all into one revolutionary Gel-X tip!

One box includes 30 pcs of 11 sizes, total of 330 pieces.

Style: Natural
Shape: Square
Length: Long

Our Natural line have a flatter surface and less of a C curve compared to our Sculpted Line. Our Natural line is specifically for those with a flatter nail bed.

Additional Details

Item Name: apres - French Manicure Gel-X Tips - Natural Square Long (330 pcs)
Manufactuer: apres
Type: Nail Extensions
UPC: 643477973363
Weight: 246 grams - (0.54 lb)
Condition: New
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