CND - Koala Buffer (240/1200 Grit)

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CND Nail Buffers are professional quality files that will shape, refine, and finish your natural and enchanced nails. These are essential tools that every nail tech or home user will need.

CND KOALA nail buffer is an edge refinement professional buffer that has soft pads.

240/1200 grit

Size: 0.3" Tall, 0.8" Wide x 5" Long

Additional Details
Item Name: CND - Koala Buffer (240/1200 Grit)
Manufactuer: CND
Type: Files & Buffers
UPC: 63937011043
SKU: CNDM-110431-1
Weight: 23 grams - (0.05 lb0.05 lb0.05 lb0.05 lb0.05 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: CND, Files & Buffers,

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