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CND LED Lamp Features It's 3C Technology consist of 2 light beams which target for longer wear and longer shine of it's products, CND Shellac and CND Brisa. The LED lamp technology also provide an energy adjusted setting and time controlled pulsing for CND Shellac, CND Brisa and a universal gel polish setting to help target that perfect cure without over curing or under curing. The lamp design has a unique and beautiful style that target exposure to the nail area only! Along with it's beautiful design is 4 easy to use preset controls for each services like CND Brisa, CND Shellac, Universal Base Coat and Universal Top Coat.

Additional Details

Item Name: CND LED Lamp
Manufactuer: CND
Type: Manicure & Pedicure Tools
UPC: 639370907628
SKU: lamp-CNDled
Weight: 2268 grams - (5.0 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: CND, Group: LED Lamp, Lamps, LED, and UV

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