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CND - Shellac Combo - Base, Top & Cream Puff

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CND Shellac Base Coat, Top Coat & Color Combo. Get everything you need for a complete gel manicure. With Shellac's professioinal high quality endurance gel designed to shine for up to two weeks.  Requires a UV light for curing.

Additional Details

Item Name: CND - Shellac Combo - Base, Top & Cream Puff
Manufactuer: CND
Type: Gel Polish
UPC: CNDS-BT-Cream Puff
SKU: CNDS-BT-Cream Puff
Weight: 227 grams - (0.5 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Base Top & Color Combo, Best Sellers, CND, CND Shellac, Gel Polish, Group: Cream Puff, Nail Set, Opaque, Shellac, The Ultimate Mani Gift Guide, and White

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nikki R.

Love your CND polish. Hate the shade of pink. I was looking for a more transparent shade. However, I like the shellac better than the gel. Thanks!


Good product. Make sure you wipe with alcohol afterwards to remove the sticky residue after curing.

Teri C.
Does not dry under UV light

I have been surprised that this product is still tacky after curing under a UV light. I have a 72watt light and have cured each coat for over 120 seconds, each. The top coat has been cured 3 times at 12O seconds and still tacky to the touch. I have had to use a drying agent.

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