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Harmony Gelish - VitaGel Recovery (#01152)



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VitaGel Recovery is the answer when brittle, dry, dull, weak or damaged nails call for help! Maximum strength formula! All the benefits of STRENGTH in a more concentrated formula for added durbaility. Works best as a base coat in actual contact with natural nail.

Additional Details

Item Name: Harmony Gelish - VitaGel Recovery (#01152)
Manufactuer: Harmony
Type: Nail Treatment
UPC: 812803011523
SKU: HGM-5564
Weight: 86 grams - (0.19 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Benefit: Nail Strengthener, Benefit: Nail Treatment, Gelish Essentials, Group: Harmony Gelish, Nail Alliance, Nail Harmony, Nail Strengthener, Nail Supplies, Nail Treatment, and Type: Nail Treatment

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
This Stuff is the Bomb!

I was using [****] Foundation but it never came off clean. So I buffed it off with cuticle oil. And my nails got very weak. I found this and researched it. It removes like a dream! My nails have recovered and they’ve gotten some length again. Some reviews on other sites complain it doesn’t last as long as base coat and/or it peels. It will peel if you flood your cuticles. I use an orangewood stick to scrape the side cuticles just to be sure. For prep, all I do is wipe them with 90% alcohol or Scrubfresh right before (one hand start to finish, then prep the other hand). Since I started doing it in that order I haven’t had a problem with peeling. [****] says this and the sister product aren’t intended to permanently replace traditional base coat. Phooey on that! When this bottle is finished I’ll switch to the sister product but I don’t see myself going back to traditional base coat.

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