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Revel Nail

Revel Nail - Dip Powder Reveal 2 oz - #D626

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Reveal is a deep pink base with chunky pink and turquoise flakes.

Flakes are a bit different than the typical glitters you’ll find in Dip Powder. Flakes are well, flakey. They’re a new way to add a dimension and a bit of multifaceted glitz to your manicure. Flakes need a little extra care when it comes time for buffing, so don’t hesitate to add an extra layer of D75 Vivien (Clear) (or two) when adding flakes to your manicure. To help your flakes add the most ‘wow’ factor to your mani, gently tap the side of the jar each time prior to dipping. This helps loosen the flakes and brings them to top so they’re ready to be picked up by your Pro Base.

Additional Details

Item Name: Revel Nail - Dip Powder Reveal 2 oz - #D626
Manufactuer: Revel Nail
Type: Dipping Powder
UPC: 850025899826
SKU: RN-D626
Weight: 59 grams - (0.13 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Blue, CLEARANCE, Color: Blue, Dipping Powder, Fall, Finish: Glitter, Glitter, JAN-, MANI-MADNESS, MARKDOWNS, OMG5, OMG6, OMG7, OMG8, OMG9, Professional, Revel Nail, Revel Nail Flakes Full Coverage Collection, Season: Fall, Season: Winter, Type: Dipping Powder, and Winter

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