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Madam Glam

Madam Glam - Nail Lacquer - Enchanting



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Green Soak-Off Gel
A vibrant, lush green shade that invites enchantment and natural allure for endless manicures, right at your fingertips!
Formula & Curing time:
Syrup Gel - thinner formula, same amazing coverage
1 coat will get you a subtle translucent finish
2 coats for a deep effect
Made in Korea
2 minutes by UV Lamp, 1 minute by LED
Size of the bottle:  12 ml | 0.41 fl oz

How To Use:

Tips & Tricks for achieving long-lasting gel manicured nails:

  • Use base and top coat from the same line. Our products are designed to work together towards giving a strongest finish.
  • Avoid applying lotion or cuticle oil before the gel application as it will cause premature “lifting”.
  • Apply thin coats of color and cure between each layer. Darker colors require longer curing time than the lighter ones.
  • Avoid applying gel on your skin or cuticle area.
  • Cap the free nail edge which will create a protective seal around the tip and sides of the nail.
  • Aftercare: apply daily cuticle oils and avoid the first hours, after you have done your mani, soaking in hot water.

Application steps:

  • Prep your nails: ensure all cuticles are removed and pushed back from the nail plate, buff the nail plate to remove shine & clean with alcohol to remove all oils and dust.
  • Apply one layer of regular base coat gel and cure for 1-2 minutes under the UV/LED lamp.
  • Apply 1-2 thin coats of soak off gel color. Don't forget to cure in between layers (1-2 minutes under the UV/LED lamp).
  • Apply one layer of regular top coat gel and cure for 1-2 minutes under the UV/LED lamp.

Additional Details

Item Name: Madam Glam - Nail Lacquer - Enchanting
Manufactuer: Madam Glam
Type: Gel Polish
UPC: 602697944997
Weight: 76 grams - (0.17 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: 21-Free, Clean Beauty, Color: Green, Creme, Cruelty-Free, Finish: Creme, Gel Polish, Green, Hema-Free, Madam Glam, Madam Glam Gel Polish, Madam Glam Pastel Haven Bundle, Madam Glam Polish, New Arrivals, Non-Toxic, Season: Spring, Spring, and Vegan

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