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People Of Color

People Of Color Nail Lacquer - Osha Root 0.5 oz



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The Native Wellness Collection is inspired by plants local to North America used by Indigenous people for health and wellness. Telling the story of five specific plants, this collection represents an important part of each plant while paying homage to each plant’s name.

Our goal is to share authentic stories of traditions held by Indigenous people, through color. We’re excited to bring educational awareness about these plants through the colors in this collection!

Osha is a plant native to the Rocky Mountains and parts of Mexico. The wrinkled brown roots of the plant have traditionally been used as medicine in Native American and Hispanic cultures for conditions like pneumonia, colds, bronchitis, influenza, tuberculosis, hay fever, coughs, and more. You can learn more about the various uses for osha root here.

Dress your nails in this beautiful shade of brown that we hope entices you to learn more about how the indigenous people of North America have used this plant for wellness and healing.

*NOTE: We are not recommending the use of this plant and the information provided is strictly for educational purposes. Speak with a medical professional regarding the actual use of this plant.*

Size: 15mL / 0.5 fl. oz.

10-Free. Vegan. Cruelty-Free.

Colors are made in batches, may slightly vary.

Additional Details

Item Name: People Of Color Nail Lacquer - Osha Root 0.5 oz
Manufactuer: People Of Color
Type: Nail Lacquer
Weight: 86 grams - (0.19 lb)
Condition: New
Tags: Brown, Nail Lacquer, Nail Polish, People Of Color, People Of Color Native Wellness 2021 Collection, and Tan

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